A finishing sander is a very fine sanding machine

22. března 2018 v 2:54
  When loose fibers are removed and the door is sanded evenly on the top and in the profile a very even stain color is the end result. The new style finishing sander can now be fitted with two different abrasives grit where one grit will work for the pre-sanding and one grit will work for the sealer sanding. The development of abrasives and brushes are a major reason why so many cabinet manufactures have invested in these automatic finishing sanders, they work for what they where design for. The finishing sander should be able to denib the door so the door feel smooth and all the little bumps are gone. The machines comes in all kind of sizes and some are even demonstrated for potential customers at the customers facility to show the results on the customers doors and with the customers stain and sealer.
  The automatic finishing sander will normally replace human labor with automatic finish sanding this will result in a more uniform product and less sand though on the edges.
  The finishing sanders will use a combination of abrasives and brushes to perform the sanding before the stain and sealer is applied, the brushes will back up the abrasives and give the abrasive more sanding power. The breaking of the sharp edges will give the stain and sealer coat a better grab on the edge giving the finish a better edge to stick to.
  If sanding is a big bottleneck at your facility a finishing sander might be the solution to your problems. The finishing sander should be able to give you a completely sanded door both in the profile and on the top of the door this will give the top coat a good adhesion from the sanding scratches in the sealer coat.
  After stain and sealer is applied its time for the sealer sanding process, where again the finishing sander can be used. In the long run a broken edge will give the customer of the door a much easier cleaning surface and year of cleaning will not break though the finish on the door edge. The machine should be able to do around 300 doors or more an hour depending on conveyor speed.
  Make the process of sanding as automatic as possible will free up key personel to do other things and it will give your company a more uniform product to the enduser. The finishing sander works in the very cooling room surface of the wood and will not be aggressive enough to remove deep scratches. A finishing sander is an automatic machine that will remove fibers from the top and profile of the door and break the sharp edges around the door.
  A finishing sander is a very fine sanding machine and the machine will not be able to remove any marks including cross grain scratches from a wide-belt sander or handling marks. The edge breaking in the pre-sanding process will now help us as sealer sanding can be done with the feed through machine without breaking through the edges of the door.The finishing sander is a machine that is used before stain is applied to the work piece in the white wood stage of the cabinet door.

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