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9. března 2018 v 2:52
  Experts interviewed by reporters, said that in recent years, China s CNC machine tool enterprises in the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on enhanced research and product development, forming a market oriented model of independent innovation, promoting the industry as a whole The rapid development. Please listen to the following detailed reports:
  Sustained and stable growth of China s economy for the development of CNC machine tool industry has provided a broad space, aerospace, shipbuilding industry, automobile and parts manufacturing of CNC machine tools, in particular the demand for high end CNC machine tools increased dramatically.
  Use of international oriented than conventional development model while the introduction, digestion, absorption (foreign technology), in research and development costs three to four times higher, but could stand in the forefront of the international advanced technology, you can create their own national brand. 5 years ago, Chinese made CNC machine tools market share of less than 15 , the current jumped to 30 . Currently, China s monthly production CNC machine tools has exceeded 1 million units annual output is refrigeration system expected to reach 10 million units. Jin, Senior Engineer Shen Fu said in the past in China, five axis CNC machine tools and composite tools such high end machine tools rely on imports, the current changes in this situation has occurred in each of the high end CNC machine tools made development of new varieties more than 200.
  Five axis machine tools, in the past this has served as a strategic tool of foreign embargo to China, and now we are able to provide this equipment in bulk, and cost only about half of the foreign.
  To support the development of CNC machine tool industry, the Chinese government mapped out a numerical control machine tool industry development planning , by finance, taxation, credit and other policies to support the development of CNC machine tool industry, to improve numerical control machine tool R & D capability.
  CNC system is the core component of CNC machine tools, which is equivalent to a computer equipped with a special procedure, and command machines to complete a variety of processes. So far, seven Chinese companies holding more than ten overseas M & A well known machine tool business.
  A country level and has a volume of CNC machine tools is a measure of the country s economic and national defense strength of the key factors. NC machine tool companies use more of its product quality and stability of the like, the cost is low, efficiency is high.
  Faced with this opportunity, China s CNC machine tool enterprises in the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on the core technology carried out for independent innovation, especially in the field of high end CNC machine tools, domestic and international restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, the Group of integrating the joint as well as the mode of production and research has become widely accepted

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