So I chose to start my own vending business

19. března 2018 v 3:27
  The truth is that really anyone can get started in the vending business with very little start up capital and if they have the motivation and the drive to want to run a successful business then it is very possible. So I have found myself helping others along the way teaching them how to start their own vending machines businesses in their local community.
  That's all they want to do really! At the end of the day you may fork out thousands of dollars on machines that will end up sitting in your garage collecting dust. I first started out by doing a little research and homework to make sure that I could get the right machines for my locations and most importantly deliver on the promises that I was making to the various companies in my area. I had found a local mover to deliver the machines to my locations and off I was.
  My homework really included visiting my local vending machine distributor and finding out which machines where the right ones to buy and for the right price.
  For me what started out as a part time little vending business quickly grew into a full time vending business operation where now I have been able to quit my job as a City Bus Driver and run my vending machine business full time.Are you considering starting in the vending machine business and maybe looking at it as an opportunity to make some extra money on a part time basis?
  Well you certainly can if cold room manufacture you make some smart educated decisions along the way and avoid some of the scam artists out there. I also talked to other people in the industry to find out what kind of machines that they were using.
  So I chose to start my own vending business.
  My advice when starting out is to stay away from opportunity shows or seminars that promise the world in vending. We don't want this to happen!
  One piece of advice is that you should do your homework first and start out slowly buying one machine at a time before diving in head first to the vending business.
  Why am I telling you all of this? Many people have asked me over the years about the vending business and how it worked. All they really want to do is sell you a bank of over priced vending machines. So slowly one machine at a time I began to find many different locations in my area to place my machines. I didn't ever want to be at the mercy of a company where I they had control of my financial well being and could lay me off work when it suited them.
  I chose to do this business and create something like this because I always wanted to be independent and make money for myself.
  I started out with pop vending machines because I found them to be the cheapest price to get started with and easy to run

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